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Viking Drinking Horn Mug Handcrafted

Viking Drinking Horn Mug Handcrafted – Game of Thrones Heroes With This Large Ale Stein – Great Craftsmanship A Perfect Present For Real Men


The viking drinking mug has been polished and sealed to keep the horn beautiful leak free. Each tankard is uniquely designed, no one horn is identical.
These medieval Viking mugs hold 16oz. of your favourite mead, ale, beer or lager; and when you’re done drinking, slam it down like a real vikings.
Each tankard is uniquely designed, no one horn is identical.
With a polished and sealed finish this tot is perfect for any cool liquid.ll Drinkware is handcrafted from 100% natural horn that has been shaped as a perfect replica of a medieval style drinking horn.
Looking for a Viking drinking mug to bring you back to the medieval ages? Look no further! Here is search ends. REAL HANDMADE DRINKING HORN VESSELS Made from 100% Real OX Horn Imported (Made in India) Exterior: natural finish Interior: Waterproof Ordered Item may not be the same in shape and color texture as two horns are never same MEASUREMENT Size: 6.5Inches (Approximately) HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR DRINKING HORN VESSELS YOU SHOULD DO:> Use your horn bowl often Wash every time before use Hand-wash only Use Towel gently right after wash Clean your horn items in lukewarm running water without soap or solvents. Dry off the items directly Keep your horn bowl separate from sharp utensils YOU SHOULDN’T DO:> Never clean horn items in a dish washer Never soak horn item in a tub. You may dip the items in cold or lukewarm water, but no more than that and dry off immediately Never use hot water Never allow your horn items to sit for prolonged periods in fluids, e.g. jams, salads, or dressings Avoid leaving horn items in direct sunlight or near heat sources How to neutralize the odour If your horn item smells so unpleasant: It is not surprising to have some bad smell from horn items due to the nature of material. It can be neutralized through some basic formula. You can use chlorine-based bleach and soak the bowl for number of occasions which will help to remove the odour from your drinking horn.

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